Hands-on testing when you need it

Hands-on efficiently

If you're looking to combine the speed and convenience of an online course with the confidence you get from practicing on a manikin, our blended program is for you. It's a time-efficient solution that's ideal if your job requires a hands-on portion. After training and testing online, choose the Single Use Manikin Option (SUMO™) and we will send you an inexpensive manikin so you can complete your skill evaluation remotely from home over web conference. Learn more

Save time  with hands-on blended training

Blended is the future

This flexible learning hybrid has been accepted by nearly all companies and occupations and has been validated by the American Heart Association as an acceptable method of becoming certified. As a medley of the best parts of online and hands-on learning, blended education is quickly becoming the preferred method to certify.