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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Did an excellent job explaining all scenarios, easy to follow and understand.”

    ~ Karen, Registered Nurse (RN) from Illinois
  • “I love the fact that you are able to review the videos as often as you like at any time. ”

    ~ Trish from Tennessee
  • “This training is excellent. The videos are well done and clear, the site is easy to use and staff quickly answered my questions in the 'chat.' I have been a nurse for 12 years, am now an NP and needed this training for my next step, I found this perfect for my needs. I like the "student manual" with algorithms for cardiac arrest and ECG interpretation -great resource! ”

    ~ monica from Pennsylvania
  • “Very informative videos and practice questions are designed to make you think and feel confident in your responses. ”

    ~ Chad, Public Services Teacher from California
  • “Excellent content”

    ~ Guillermo, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “Great learning place, to pick up new skills and learn the Fundamentals of ACLS treatment.”

    ~ Shawn
  • “I avoided taking the test for a long time thinking I was not prepared enough. However, once I took it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the course had fully prepared me for the test. ”

    ~ Danielle, nurse from New Jersey
  • “This course was a complete review of the necessary knowledge and skills for becoming trained and certified in advanced cardiac life support. It was very helpful to this busy, experienced practitioner.”

    ~ John, Physician from North Carolina
  • “I fond out I needed to renew my ACLS in 4 days. ProTrainings was a life saver. The training was thorough and easy to follow. I highly recommend it!”

    ~ Robin, Registered Nurse (RN) from Kansas
  • “I've been a cardiac nurse for over 20 years. This was the best-structured education I've received. Truly great!”

    ~ Kelly, Nurse Practitioner (NP) from Ohio
  • “Good paced learning”

    ~ Patricia
  • “I love how I can quit, and then come back to the training without adverse repercussions.”

    ~ Brian, Student from Utah
  • “Very thorough and I felt prepared for the scenarios and test.”

    ~ Sally, FF/EMT3 from Alaska
  • “Thank you. My last ACLS course was about 5 years ago. Frankly, I was terrified to do any ACLS course. This course is a crystal clear and concise review and update. I am looking forward to monthly emails to keep up my skills and confidence until recent in 2 years. ”

    ~ Patricia, Physician from Pennsylvania
  • “I prefer online classes and teaching, to in-person training. Protraining gave me the opportunity to go at my own pace and time, in a way that helped me learn. ”

    ~ Samantha, Registered Nurse (RN) from Florida
  • “My experience with this training is truly remarkable. Everything was thoroughly explained in a clear and concise manner. It was highly organized and easily understandable. This is my first ACLS course, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. It has given me more knowledge and confidence to perform in real-life scenarios. Because of ProTrainings, my ACLS skills will surely help save lives.”

    ~ Nawal
  • “This is my first time obtaining ACLS and I learned a ton! The videos were clear, informative, and to the point. I learned more about reading an EKG than I did in NP school! ”

    ~ Katelyn, Family Nurse Practitioner from California
  • “I was able to really understand the sequence of events that should occur in ACLS and learned that it is built upon high-quality BLS.”

    ~ Mellene, Nursing from Nevada
  • “I taught ACLS many years ago in face to face classes while actively practicing in the ER I was actually afraid to try to pass the course after so many years, but this process enhanced learning.”

    ~ Dr., Nursing from Tennessee
  • “Very thorough”

    ~ Lynn, ARNP from Nebraska
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Excellent”

    ~ Arthur, 3 days ago
  • “extremely thorough ACLS training! ”

    ~ stephen, 15 days ago

    ~ Stefani, 22 days ago
  • “It is helpful to take online at my own pace.”

    ~ Tracy, 24 days ago
  • “it was an amazing experience ”

    ~ maisha, 26 days ago
  • “Comprehensive yet concise”

    ~ Matthew, about 2 months ago
  • “very easy to follow.”

    ~ Alla, about 2 months ago
  • “The training videos were very detailed which helped me with my style of learning. Everything was explained well, and the scenarios were very helpful as well, I love that I was able to learn at my own pace. ”

    ~ Leticia, 2 months ago
  • “ Passing the ALCS test is not just a personal accomplishment but also a testament to my commitment to delivering excellence in critical care. I am excited about the possibilities this certification brings and the impact it will have on my career.”

    ~ Ratchel, 3 months ago
  • “Very organized and efficient way to obtain ACLS recertification.”

    ~ Catherine, 3 months ago
  • “Good review. Challenging ”

    ~ Damon, 3 months ago
  • “Excellent concise and easy to follow presentation”

    ~ Alexander, 3 months ago
  • “Very clear / concise / and practical”

    ~ Michael, 4 months ago
  • “good group of demostrations”

    ~ Sandi, 4 months ago
  • “I am taking more understanding away from this course than any other ACLS course I have ever taken. Thank you. ”

    ~ Katherine, 4 months ago
  • “The videos and scenarios were very informative and realistic.”

    ~ Shaun, 4 months ago
  • “This program is extremely detailed and thorough. The flexibility to review and re-review the scenerios made all the difference for me. The ability to go at my own pace and fit the program access into my irradic schedule significantly attributed to my success!! Highly recommend!! ”

    ~ Colleen, 4 months ago
  • “I want to keep repeating this test as I still do not feel I’m competent”

    ~ C, 4 months ago
  • “Good review hard time consuming ”

    ~ Jerry, 5 months ago
  • “Great course, very professional”

    ~ Allan, 5 months ago